Resolutions passed by attendees of the Farmers’ Forum

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Resolutions passed by attendees of the Farmers’ Forum on the Liberal’s Mining Bill, held at Maitland on 27th September 2018

We, the attendees of this Farmers’ Forum, call on the State Liberal Government to:

  1. Amend s 9AA of the Mining Act 1971 by removing the option for exploration/mining companies to apply to the court for an order waiving the benefit of exemption for lands specified in S9 (1) of the Act.


  1. Request the Executive Council to facilitate the appointment of a Mining Ombudsman


  1. Further consultation on the Bill:
  2. Delay commencement of Parliamentary debate on the Bill until further comprehensive consultation with landowners on the Bill has been undertaken.
  3. This consultation to be separate from the consultation process for the Regulations
  4. Engage an independent third party (not DEM) to oversee these consultations and advise

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