In the beginning…
The YP Landowners’ Group was established in 2010 in response to Rex Minerals’ mining exploration activity in the Hillside area of the Yorke Peninsula.
The Group has provided a unified voice and information-sharing resource for farmers and other landowners who were approached by Rex Minerals to conduct exploration activity and testing on their land.
Under the Mining Act, the landowners could  prevent Rex from having access to their land. The Group worked together to redesign the Access and Compensation Agreement, ensuring that exploration activity on the land abides by certain rules to reduce the capacity for long term damage will could be detrimental to the ability to continue farming the land successfully in the future.
The Group achieved State-wide acclaim for producing this document, which is now recognized as the industry standard Access and Compensation Form adopted by mining companies and landowners when negotiating exploration activity.
My, my, how thing’s have changed…
Over the past 12 months, Rex Minerals have aggressively pursued their desire to develop the Hillside Mine on the Yorke Peninsula, and the project has now progressed beyond the pre-feasibility stage to the imminent release of the submission.
With the advancement of the project has come Rex’s revelation of the details of the proposed mine. The potential impact of various aspects of the project on the social, economic and natural environment has raised alarm bells within the group.
The time to act is NOW…
With such a huge potentially negative impact on our local community, the YP Landowners Group are now actively lobbying against the Hillside Mine and all other mining activity on the Yorke Peninsula.
We need to protect our valuable farming land, our health, our environment, our community and the viability of our services and infrastructure in the short term and well as from the long-term effects of open-pit mining and industrial inertia on closure of the mine in 12-15 years’ time.
We represent all ratepayers on the Yorke Peninsula. With a large proportion of the land on the Yorke Peninsula currently falling under mining exploration leases, everybody in our region could be affected.
If you would like to join us, please email